In 1996 Mike Maldonado left the oil business in Texas...Visiting an uncle's farm at Ingenio in the Nazca Province of Peru, he had a vision that this region of abundant resources could become an opposite season source for fresh produce. Nestled in the seat of the ancient mystery of the Nazca Lines, began a dream.  He founded Lavaca Holdings, L.L.C.  and created the brand name "Sweet Nazcas". His dream came true in 1999 with the first shipments of "Sweet Nazcas" to Texas.

The Nazca Lines, created 1,500 years ago by the Nazca Indians, appear as geometric shapes and lines (some as along as 5 miles) in the shape of giant birds, a monkey and a spider; even an extraterrestrial-like figure.

Mike's mission was to build a cultural and economic bridge between the Nazca region of Peru and the Northern Hemisphere. Providing opposite season natural foods to US customers, fusing the age old industry of agriculture with modern science; thus creating an opportunity to bring prosperity to people with little, and also generating significant value for stakeholders on both sides of the equator.